Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chew on Some Undead

First off: this isn't an apology post. Here's something a bit substantial which I tackled lately: the rules for handling the creation of undead. They're not complete but the concepts are there.

Most of the work I've done on D&D in September is just adding miscellaneous rules the website -- and I've barely even been doing that for the last couple weeks. Things aren't hectic at school, and my free time hasn't decreased too badly, but what's happened is that my spare mental energy has gone down. And I've been running a game again for five or six weeks now, after not actively DMing for three years.

You can read the intro below.


Undeadcraft is the study of techniques used to create the undead. As deadly and utterly loyal servants, undead may seem to be simply the mage’s answer to the druid's golems. But the comparison goes deeper than just the creation of servants. Many aspects of undeadcraft are tied to phases of the moon and other lunar phenomena, making this study a kind of twisted counterpart to druidic magic.

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  1. The idea of linking necromancy to the phases of the moon is really interesting? It suggests 'aligning' different types of undead with waxing, waning, dark, and full, which could make for a really interesting kind of undead politics - obviously such creatures would grow in power when their phase was in ascendance, but also things that power one grouping might weaken or destroy another. Perhaps as part of lunar learning the character can gain additional power over one of the four groups (bonus to the Turn check, penalty to the Save v Magic?). Maybe some creatures can only be truly destroyed when their antiphase is present? Lots of interesting things there.