Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Round of Item Prices

I was sitting at a hundred and ninety-something recipes in the trade program for a week or two until this week, when I hunkered down and added some things which I'd had to make up ad-hoc weights for last time. Now I am past 200 items inside the table's workings, which is the milestone I set myself for making this post.

So: here is the current trade table, for the market town nearest to the party. (I've also attached screenshots of the version at the bottom of this post.)

Some of the 54 new items since the last time I posted a trade table listing include: coat of plates, half- and full-plate and their component pieces, hide glue; arrows; the bow and its components (which necessitated detouring into the hide glue calculation); two types of ladder (which was related to a revamp of the climbing rules); two types of salted fish; tobacco and a pipe to smoke it with; new types of metal.

Restructured old recipes include splitting beer and ale into "by the gallon," "bottled for carrying along with oneself," and "purchased to drink immediately." I also squashed several bugs associated with the pricing of leather objects, including leather armor, making those items much more reasonable to purchase.

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