Monday, February 6, 2017

Armor Achievement

I did some good D&D work today. I added the coat of plates to my economy program, which achieved a few intertwined goals all at once:
  1. write economy recipes for every armor type
  2. restyle the traditional range of armor scores (9-3) with terminology I find more satisfying (see below) the armors while retaining the conceptual and linguistic shorthand categories of "leather/mail/plate"
These are the divisions of armor types which I've arrived at:
  • quilted gambeson (which must be worn under other armors, too)
  • leather armor
  • coat of plates
  • haubergeon
  • hauberk
  • half-plate (breastplate plus assorted arm armor)
  • full-plate (as half-plate plus fauld and leg armor).
These serve me nicely.
Along the way, I also finally diagnosed and fixed the problem which was making leather armor so goddamn expensive. I was using the square footage of the lamellae for the armor to determine the number of tanned cowhides used, rather than the ratio of said square footage to the leather of one cowhide (50 square feet.) Thus the armor was about 20x more expensive than it should have been.
With that settled, it's now clear that the armors form a reasonable cost progression, all without ever having tried to make that the case. It's quite beautiful, and satisfying.

By the way, I realize now that while I led up to an explanation of my recipe system, I've never actually done a post or posts on it here. That I can fix. It'll be fun to piece it together and pick up where I left off several months ago when describing my zoo of computer programs.

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