Sunday, February 19, 2017

Setting Up a Default Hexmap

As of last session I have finally gotten the hang of drawing a map on the computer during play. I've resolved to continue doing this as it's much cleaner and quicker than using pencil and paper, and makes it easy to move things around or copy them when needed.

While preparing for tonight's session, I hit upon the idea of making this new task a little easier by setting up a "default" hexmap, shown below. This way, when I need a new area, I've got the players' color dots set up and ready to go on separate movable layers, and the hex grid is placed against a nice white background for visibility. This is conceptually just like setting up one's preferred LaTeX packages or config files as a snippet somewhere on a hard drive. And I'm more likely to use and grow into this software if I make it easy on myself to do something I will do a lot, no?

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