Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Note for My Players

My friend Alexis has convinced me to use his system of sage skills while running my game.

In light of that, and in preparation for Sunday's session, I am posting the sage skills appropriate for each character in the campaign.


Please find a little time before Sunday night to look at the page appropriate to your character class, browse the fields and studies there, and think about what sounds good.

A "field" is a grouping of studies: for example, the druid has the fields of Animal Life, Earth & Sky, and Plant Life. A "study" is an area of knowledge containing multiple different skills, which can be gained one by one as the character gains knowledge points. For example, the druid field of Animal Life contains the studies Amphibians and Reptiles, Birds, Bugs and Spiders, Golems, Mammals, Sea Life, and Slime Molds.

Each study gains points as you level up. Every 10 points, you get to pick another skill from that study.

To start off, you get to pick 1 field to be a focus: studies in that field will increase at a medium pace, and the rest will be slow (for now.) Furthermore, you get to pick 1 study within your focus field to be a specialization. A specialization starts off with 10 points, meaning you immediately gain one skill from it, and it will increase even faster than other studies in its field.

See you Sunday.

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