Friday, March 16, 2018

Clothing and Costume

This evening, I worked on D&D economy recipes. I have fixed the ludicrous clothing weights by learning more about yarn thicknesses, and adjusting my terrible estimates for how thick average yarn is. My original wild guess was more than EIGHT times thicker than it should have been. Now the ordinary yarn recipes are set at a reasonable unit of 2250 feet per lb, with a thickness of 16 wraps per inch.

While learning about clothing design to adjust the square footage of cloth required for each item, I stumbled across the fascinating blog of Angela Clayton, a self-taught New York seamstress and costume designer who has made many historical and contemporary projects. The project which led me to her blog was her recreation of a dress based on a painting of a 15th-century Holy Roman Empress.

Her blog is Angela's Costumery. The dress post is here and accompanying video is here. I highly encourage you to check it out. If you like my blog you'll like the level of detail with which she documents her costuming process.

I will write more about clothing when I have made more progress on the recipes. Perhaps a before-and-after of the old recipes and the newer better ones.

Also, I am running again! We have had two sessions so far. My new players are enthusiastic and adventurous and I expect great things of them.